Installation of plastic windows


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Installation of plastic windows

11 октября 2019

Is it possible to mount plastic windows in winter? Definitely yes. In fact, there are very few features of such an installation. Most of them relate exclusively to contractors, and not clients, especially if the installation is carried out in a heated room, since in this case it is enough to just bring window structures and installation materials to the object the day before installation so that they spend about a day in a warm room and scored normal, positive temperature. Installation itself is carried out using the same technology as in the warm season.

The nuances are insignificant and relate mainly to the use of sealing materials from the outside of the mounting seam, that is, from the street. Of course, it must be borne in mind that not all materials can be used at low temperatures. The responsibility for this lies with the contractor, but the client can also check this moment, that is, he can ask the contractor about the properties of the materials used and see the relevant information on the product packaging.